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About the project

What is Plasma Active?

Plasma Active is intended for all types of tablets, smartphones and touch computing devices such as settop boxes, smart TVs, home automation or in-vehicle infotainment. Plasma Active is a joint project by the KDE community, basysKom and open-slx. The goals for this open source project are:

Plasma Active is an interface for people on the move. People engaged in different activities in different places at different times of the day. Its beautiful surface is fresh, a design completely rethought for the best experience on modern ultraportables. Built on a proven platform with an attractive environment for developers. And easy creation of embedded images for device manufacturers.

Discover more about the concept and the Plasma Active Grand Master Plan.

New in Plasma Active 4


Files is an application in Plasma Active that has been greatly improved in this release. It is a file manager, but, unlike most others, it isn't based on folders; rather users can search for documents by file type, creation time and semantic information such as Tags. Files does not use the file system directly; it organizes documents with, Plasma Active's exclusive underlying semantic engine.

Okular Active is Plasma Active's Ebook Reader. Okular Active is built on the same technology that drives the desktop version of the popular Document Viewer, optimized for reading documents on a touch device. Okular Active supports a wide range of file formats, such as PDF, EPub, Open Document, and many others.

Through Plasma Active's Add Ons, thousands of ebooks are available for free, with paid applications and content coming soon.

Champions: Kontact and Calligra

With Calligra Active and Kontact Touch, Plasma Active delivers scalable and proven applications for office and groupware tasks, with a focus on interoperability. Kontact Touch supports many groupware solutions, and brings calendaring, email, contact management among other features. Calligra Active has excellent support for most common office file formats such as OpenDocument and Microsoft's .doc, .docx, .xls and .xlsx.

The KDE developers have done a lot to improve the performance of the user experience, its applications and underlying libraries. These improvements produce a snappy and visually coherent user interface, and make using Plasma Active a more enjoyable experience compared to previous versions.

Plasma Active runs on Mer

Mer is the leading openly developed Linux-based OS for mobile devices. It is based on work from the MeeGo Project. With the size of the Core OS reduced to the bare essentials, Mer delivers performance. It is also a fully open development project, and thus supports fundamental Plasma Active design principlesof openness and user freedom.

Improved Text Input

Thanks to a virtual keyboard based on Maliit, Plasma Active makes text input easy. The virtual keyboard is fast and convenient to use and offers great flexibility for system integrators.

Roadmap: More Apps, Qt5 and File Synchronization

In future releases, users can expect support for a wider range of devices, easier synchronization of data across devices, an improved user experience through the use of Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5, and more applications for popular uses.
The KDE team is currently working to bring a Plasma Active-based tablet to the market to demonstrate its capabilities fully and offer users a fresh and more open alternative to existing mobile operating systems.

Check it out!

Plasma Active is easy to install, but you can also test drive it from a USB stick. The official Plasma Active image is based on Mer and is provided by basysKom. You can find the software and installation instructions on the KDE Wiki.

Plasma Active achieved its goal to run cross-device and cross-platform. Plasma Active runs now on Intel x86 and ARM platforms, supporting more mobile devices like the WeTab/ExoPC, AdventVega, Nexus 7, Point of View and Archos as well as Nokia N950. Plasma Active offers an opportunity for experimenting with installations on other devices. The Plasma Active team welcomes widespread participation in creating a completely free and open Linux-based distribution for tablets and other devices. Read more information about all supported devices.

App developers

Small ultraportables favor consumption over creation. For example, Plasma Active users generally read reports rather than write them. Touch interfaces are good for selecting; not so good for high volume typing. People want an ongoing supply of good games. Plasma Active offers a rewarding, ground floor opportunity for developers. Creativity and innovation thrive in KDE's open, collaborative development environment. In addition, Plasma Active offers opportunities for specialized, low volume applications.

If you are interested in developing a Plasma Active app, guidelines and suggestions are available.